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A Beginners Guide on how to Increase Blog Traffic

New to the world of blogging?

Unless your purpose of creating a blog is to have an outlet to release your everyday frustrations (a journal if you may), you might want to pause for a moment before you fall into the same trap most frustrated bloggers end up in when contemplating on monetizing their blogs.

The secret to blogging for profit isn’t just about choosing a niche you find interesting, creating a blog and posting anything you want and expect it gain followers right away. The articles you make may be interesting and might have potential to drive targeted traffic, but if you’re promoting your blog the wrong way, your blog may be tucked away under other ranking blogs, collecting cyber dust. That is why learning how to increase blog traffic first before starting out with your blog is important before you create your first blog.

And here are some tips on how to increase blog traffic to get you fired up:

1. Sometimes, it’s not all about what you like – Most bloggers commit the same mistake over and over again, by creating a blog first before researching on a high profit niche and keywords for their post and expecting to see visitors trickling in. On the contrary, researching first on high profit niches and keywords first and basing your blog on those keywords is a more effective way on how to increase blog traffic as this has more chances of increasing your ranking. Research on what most people search online and focus on that. But be careful in choosing niches with high amounts of searches as you might have a lot of competitor and therefore decrease your chances of gaining visibility online.

Go for microniches with higher costs per click and with lower number of competitors as you will not only be getting more traffic, but also more profit, especially if you’re monetizing on affiliate marketing.

2. Create original, interesting and valuable content– as content is the lifeline of blogs, it pays to create unique and interesting articles which is relevant to your chosen niche. Some of the best article ideas include FAQ style articles, how to’s, lists, as well as product reviews and information. Adding in photos and videos can also make your blog interesting, thus increasing your chances of getting subscribers.

3. Delve into article marketing – one way on how to increase blog traffic is through creating content related to your chosen niche or micro-niche and submitting them to various article directories such as or Not only will you establish yourself as an expert on your chosen niche, you are also creating backlinks to your page which, in effect, will increase your page ranking. Just don’t forget to place a link to your website on the resource field of your chosen article directory sites.

4. Take advantage of social media platforms – Using social media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Digg and Twitter is a tried-and-tested formula on how to increase blog traffic to your website. As social media sites have a huge pool of members and traffic, linking back to your blog from your social media website account can increase your chances of getting high, targeted traffic.

5. Promote through RSS feeds – blogs are dynamic sites and get updated frequently. That is why using an RSS feed can help you promote your latest contents to their subscribers. Like other social media platforms, RSS sites have a lot of members, making them an effective way on how to increase blog traffic. In addition, the traffic will be targeted as the blogs are categorized by their niche.

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